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The chauffeur service is a non-scheduled public transport service. It is aimed at the Customer who requests a specific transport service by time or by trip at the headquarters.

The Taxi service is stationed in public areas set up by the Municipality and the fare is calculated with an approved taximeter. The start of the service is carried out with departure from the municipal area.

For the Chauffeur service, the vehicle is parked inside the garage. The service can also take place outside the Municipality that issued the authorization and a reservation is required. The fee for the service is established solely and exclusively as a result of free bargaining between the user and the renter, to be made before the start of the service.

Those who want to carry out the rental with driver must:

  • have the Professional Qualification Certificate;
  • be enrolled in the role of drivers of non-scheduled public service vehicles;
  • have a passion for driving;
  • he must know the territory;
  • take care of their image;
  • must know the good rules of hospitality and assistance;
  • must be able to resolve emergencies;
  • with the customer must be discreet and, at the same time, always present.

Yes. All cars are in compliance with the rental authorizations with driver, visible with NCC or RENTAL identification plates and stickers. The cars, registered for public transport use, are equipped with insurance that covers all passengers. Please be wary of those who do not have the above requirements or who, upon your arrival at the airport, convince you to go with them. They are illegal taxis and, in the event of police checks or adverse events, they could cause you problems.

A maximum of 6 hours in advance, but to be able to offer you a better service and for internal organizational reasons, it would be better to 24 hours in advance.

Of course yes! Car rental with driver was born mainly for this type of service.

The service can be paid in cash to the driver, but also by credit card and bank transfer.

From the airport, port or train station towards Rome Center:

Precise details on where the driver will meet you at the airport, port or train station are provided in the booking confirmation email.
At Fiumicino airport, the driver will wait for you in the arrivals terminal after collecting your baggage. He will be in possession of a sign with your name, indicated during the booking process.

Transfer from Rome Center to the airport, port or train station:

If the transfer departure point is a hotel, the driver will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby. If the departure point is a private house or apartment, the customer will have to wait at the place indicated at the time of booking confirmation. In other cases, during the booking process, you will need to provide us with the complete address, including precise details (square, street, house number, post code, etc.) of the place where the group wishes to be picked up.

No! When you purchase a car rental service with driver, you will not have any price surprises, as, before leaving, you will know exactly the amount you will pay.

The VAT rate on services is 10%

The current highway code and for reasons of insurance coverage, impose certain rules on us, for your protection. In sedans, two XL suitcases or two medium suitcases and one small suitcase can be loaded. It is allowed to put only a small suitcase inside the car on the front seat, if not occupied by a passenger, if it does not enter the boot. In the case of several suitcases, it will be a pleasure to offer you one of our vans, more suitable for your luggage or the use of two cars, with customer use and luggage.

Yes, it is possible and they are welcome, but the current highway code and for insurance coverage reasons require the use of the pet carrier by the customer (see art. 169 paragraph 6 of the highway code). In the case of medium-large sized animals, it will be a pleasure to offer you one of our vans, in order to allow the use of a pet carrier.

We know very well the worries of the traveler deriving from causes not attributable to him. Regardless of this, the drivers will always be present at the time of the customer’s arrival, who will not have to pay any supplement in case of delay of the carriers. In this regard, when booking, we always ask for references to monitor any delays, such as the flight number, the train or the name of the ship. We also always encourage our customers to make themselves available by phone (when possible), to facilitate the above purposes.

No, it is not possible, to guarantee all customers perfectly clean and sanitized cars. It will be a pleasure for the driver, as soon as possible, to make a stop for your needs.